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                                                      Secret Trust                                                                     

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Secret trusts

so when someone dies a grant of probate (if obtained) makes that persons Last Will and Testament a public Document. available for public scrutiny

however using a secret trust can help conceal the true recipient of a gift on death

Executors now have the power to access use dispose of digital devices assets. Software. Licences.and accounts where ever and however stored


A living will or advance directive is a legal statement that tells a medical practitioner your wishes should you need to undergo surgery and you are in a coma or unable to communicate your wishes So this document allows you to do that in advance for example refusal of treatment


Choosing executors for your last will and testament does not have to be a professional. For example a bank or solicitor or probate company it can be anyone over 18 you trust and even beneficiaries


When you pass away your credit debts die with you for example credit cards loans store cards etc Your beneficiaries only have to cover taxes and mortgage debt